Bentonite 34 – Thickening Rheological Agent is characteristic of suspension property, thixotropy, stability, good anti-sedimentation ability in painting.

Technical data:

Product Name

(Loss on Ignition)


(℃ 105) 



The fineness of the disperse
(um in the xylene um)

Bentonite 34

32% - 35%

95% ≤

3.5 ≥

 1.5 ≤  


um 70  ≥



Adding this product as a dry powder for in-situ dispersion and activation. The Bentonite 34 powder is added directly to the resin/solvent blend and is thoroughly mixed for 10 minutes.

A chemical activator should be added next and mixed for 10 minutes. The pigments and fillers are then added and dispersed and with high shear for at least 15 minutes.



Available in 25Kg net. Polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper sacks.


Storage and Handling:

Store in a cool and dry place; keep away from fire; wash with water after the operation.



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