Shimi Pooshesh Kala (Chekad) supplies UPSIL fumed silica with white, innoxious, insipid, amorphous fine chemical powder specification. This fumed silica is synthetic, amorphous fumed silica with BET surface area from 150 to 380 m2/g and it’s produced by flame without superficial treatment. This hydrophilic fumed silica is white, innoxious, insipid, amorphous fine chemical powder.


Available codes in stock:



Product Name

PH Value(4%)

Loss on drying(Wt%)

BET surface area (m2/g)


3.8 – 4.5

≤ 1.0

150 ± 25


3.8 – 4.5

≤ 1.0

200 ± 25




  • Paints and coating and Inks
  • RTV silicone sealant
  • HTV silicone rubber
  • Adhesive and sealant
  • Cable compounds




Features of this product is such as small particle size, large BET surface area, high surface activity and high purity. The original particle size can be 7 – 40 nm according to system setting, and the BET surface area is 100 – 400 m2/g. Because of Nanometer Effect, this product performs excellent nature of reinforcing, thickening, thixotropy, insulation, matting, resist sagging, and it is widely used in HTV silicone rubber and RTV silicone sealant, coating, painting, unsaturated polyester (UP), insulation material, adhesive & sealant, agriculture and medical macro-molecule industrial fields.


Package :

Packaged in 10 kg, multiple layer Kraft paper bags, on pallet.



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