UPSIL PDMS silicone V5000-V500000 (viscosities 5000-10000-12500-30000-60000-300000-500000) is dimethylpolysiloxane polymers with linear chains.



  • Anti adherent agents, mould release or plastics and, metal castings.
  • Lubricants, Lubrication of elastomers and plastics on metal, Low-temperature hydraulic fluids.
  • Hydraulic damping fluids.
  • Additives in maintenance products.



  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good resistance to combustion
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Low freezing point
  • Low surface tension
  • High compressibility
  • Absence of aging under exposure to weather conditions


Technical data:

Product Name


Viscosity at 25℃, mm2/s,approx

Specific gravity at 25℃, approx 

Flash point
(Open cup) 

Refractive index at 25℃, approx 

Fire point, ℃

UPSIL PDMS V5000-V500000

Clear-Colorless liquids



> 300


> 350


UPSIL PDMS V5000-V500000 is available in 25Kg, and 200Kg drums, in 1000Kg containers or, in tankers.


Storage and Handling:

When stored in its original unopened packaging at a temperature of between -20 and +50, UPSIL PDMS V5000-V500000 may be stored for up to 36 months from its date of manufacture(expiry date).




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