Chekad produces different types of woven roving fiberglass. E-glass Woven Roving is a high-performance reinforcement widely used in hand lay-up and robot processes for the production of boats, vessels and automotive parts, furniture and, sports facilities.

  • Good moldability
  • Fast and complete wet out in resins
  • Resulting in high productivity
Product Code Product Type Description Color


Weave Moisture Warp Weft

Warp Density

Weft Density

Roll Width Roll Net Weight
EWR-600 Woven Roving E-glass 600 gr/mm² white 600 ± 30 gr/sqm Plain 0.20% ≥ 1200 tex 1200 tex 2.6 Ends/cm 2.5 Ends/cm 1000 mm 40 ± 0.5 kgs

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