XG603-1A Matting Additive Formulation

The reaction percentage of this matting agent with Epoxy Resin is 10:1 and it it suitable for 5-60% gloss on 60°.

Select the gloss range you need according to the table below:

Dosage Gloss range Description
%1 >  No matting will achive Dosage less than %1 is not recommended
%1 %40-60
%2 %30-40
%3 %20-30
%4 %10-20
%5 %5-10
%6 %5 > For pure epoxy system use only
%6 < 

Dosage more than %6 might damage the paint surface
  • The above table is not certain, the degree of certain gloss also depends on the resin.
  • The epoxy equivalent should be in the range of 750-800. Gloss will change according to the epoxy equivalent.



View the suggested XG603-1A Matting Formula by changing the suggested gloss range in the calculator list below:

*The amount of resin is 60% of the total formula.


For example, if it is intended to achieve (5 to 10%) gloss in a formulation with Hybrid Polyester Resin (60-40), bellow steps should be taken:

  1. Total amount of resin: 60 Wt%
  2. Dosage of matting agent: 5% (according to desired gloss)
  3. Type of resin: 60/40 polyester resin (CP-6410-C)
  4. Consider 50 units of epoxy to react with 5 units of matting agent (Based on this fact that each unit of this matting agent reacts with 10 units of epoxy resin).
  5. The remaining amount of total resin is 10% (60-50=10)
  6.  Residual amount of polyester and epoxy resin will be 6 and 4, respectively.
  7. Therefore, the total amount of epoxy 54%  (54% =4% reaction with matting agent + 50%)

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