AC-1000 Cobalt accelerator:

  • AC-1000 Cobalt accelerator is based on cobalt naphthenate and it’s characterized by following features:
  • More efficient than ordinary cobalt naphthenate such that you can save cobalt usage up to 10-15% compared to ordinary one.
  • Suitable efficacy in temperature range of 10-25oc.
  • Decreased cure time (without decreasing pot life during apply)
  • Increase three dimensional polymer network.
  • Providing more stiffness and solidity for building final part.

AC-1000 package is in 5kg and 18kg plastic cans.


AC-2000 Cobalt accelerator:

AC-2000 Cobalt accelerator, used for white and light-colored Gelcoats.

This product is suitable for hardening and curing particularly white and light-colored Gelcoats, since AC-2000 creates subtle  color change on the finished product.

  • Some of its features are as follows:
  • No negative impact on gel time and curing time of resin
  • No color changed will occur at final products
  • Dosage used based on 25oC temperature would be: 0.2- 0.45 %

AC-2000 package is in 5kg and 18kg plastic cans.

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