Unsaturated Polyester Resins (U.P resins)

Shimi Pooshesh Kala (Chekad) produces different grades of Unsaturated Polyester Orthophthalic Resins or UP resins as below:

Chekpol 160: General purpose resin

Suitable for general fiberglass products with excellent mechanical properties.

Chekpol 160 IM : intermediate polyester resin

This resin has good wetting properties for any type of glass fiber with a good bubble resistance. therefore this resin improves adhesion between layers and glass fiber.

Chekpol 161 IMI : polyester resin for casting

With good wettability of fillers and extenders and lowest emission of styrene monomer smell as well, and the ability to cast in the high mass condition that can end curing without producing critical peak exotherm, as a result, you can produce the parts without any cracks. This resin can be used for making types of sinks, bathtubs, small and big statues or, geometrical blocks. Perfect curing control while maintaining the final properties of resin is achieved by the user.

Chekpol 160 FR: Fire resistance polyester resin

Suitable for internal places of buildings with no harm to human health.

Chekpol N 900: Flexible Polyester resin

Flexible and suitable for improving the mechanical characteristics of other polyester resins.

Chekpol 190: chekpol 190, an orthophthalic polyester resin is used, for the production of fiberglass parts, sculpture and general industrial parts.


  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Suitable viscosity for the fiberglass wettability
  • Proper work and curing time

Chekpol 190 IM: Chekpol-190 IM an unsaturated polyester resin based on orthophthalic acid, is used in the production of the tank and water transmission pipelines by GRP method.


  • Superior mechanical properties (Due to the lack of air cell formation)
  • Suitable viscosity for fiberglass wettability
  • Semi-fast Curing activity





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