Fumed Alumina (Alu-100) is a nano – grade, fine-particulate, pure aluminum oxide (Al2O3) powder with a high specific surface. Fumed alumina can be used well in many fields, because of its high purity, low water content and, positive surface charge.



  • Powder coating
  • Thermal insulation materials
  • Photo inject toner
  • Anti-blocking agent in PE film
  • Fluorescent coating in tube and lamp
  • Photo paper to improve color brilliance



  • Anti-caking characteristics of powder system
  • Improvement of free flow
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Excellent dispersity
  • High purity
  • Positive surface charge
  • Low water content


Technical data:

Product Grade

Al2O3 content
(based on ignited material)

Tamped density

PH value

 Loss on drying
(2 hours at 105 ℃)

 Specific surface area (BET)


30 – 60

99.5 ≤

4.5 – 5.5

≤ 1.5

100 ± 15



Alu-100 fumed Al1O3 is supplied in 10kg plastic or paper bags.



We recommend to store the product in closed containers under dry conditions and to protect the material from volatile substances.




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