Taking the benefits of 30 years of experience in Paint and composite industries,  Shimi Pooshesh Kala Company (Chekad) was founded in 2000, in Eyvanekey industrial zone, near Tehran-Iran. Chekad is active in production, commerce, import and supply powder coating, paint and composite raw materials. Chekad motto is an acquisition in the field of its customer satisfaction through providing and supplying quality products and rendering satisfactory services.

Production Unit

Chekad’s production unit is active in producing a wide range of Powder coating and Composite raw materials such as Polyester resins, Epoxy resin, Gelcoats, Color paste, Cobalt accelerator, Woven roving fiberglass and etc.

Commerce Unit

Chekad commerce, unit is active in importing a wide range of raw materials for Powder coating, Composite, Adhesive and sealant.

For Powder coating industry, Chekad offers different kinds of resins such as: Polyester, Epoxy and Polyurethane and Primid resins, Wide range of Additives, Hardeners, Blanc fixe, Fumed Alumina and etc.

For Composite industry, Chekad supplies different kinds of peroxides, accelerators, fiberglass (chopped strand mat, tissue,…),  and etc.

For Marble industry (adhesives, putty and, mastic), Chekad supplies accelerators, hardeners, and, fillers.

Consulting Services

Chekad provides consulting services to its customers for choosing proper raw materials based on their requirements for the productions.