Chekad Group

Chakad group includes three companies that are active in the production and supply of raw materials for powder coating, paint, composite, adhesive and mastic industries.

Chekad group companies have always tried their best to provide the best services to their customers by carefully selecting raw materials and products with high quality and in accordance with international standards.

A Brief History

Chekad Group started Its activity in 2000 by founding Shimi Pooshesh Kala Co and production of putty, primer and automotive paint and then by producing raw material for composite industry expanded the range of its’ productions. Now, with the passage of more than two decades and passing several stages and further development, is active in other industries such as: powder coating, paint, marble and adhesives.


“Chekad Group” aims to constantly improve the quality of its’ products and services and attain its’ customers’ satisfaction through research and development, advance of the company’s technology and constant increase of the staff’s knowledge.

Viewpoints and Prospect

Chekad hopes and emphasizes the key role and importance of ever-increasing of the level of it’s staff’s technical knowledge as its’ main asset.

Shimi Pooshesh Kala

Shimi Pooshesh Kala company, the first company of Chekad group, was founded in 2000, in Eyvanekey industrial zone, near Tehran-Iran.

This company is active in the field of production of raw materials for the composite industry.

The company’s products include two specialized sections:

The first section is related to the production of unsaturated polyester resins and related products such as woven roving fiberglass, various types of gelcoats, color pastes, accelerators and epoxy adhesives.

The second composite product part is intended for the production of corrosion-resistant coatings for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Ana Baspar Tejarat

This company was founded in 2011 and is active in supplying raw materials for powder coating, paint, composite, adhesive and mastic industries.

The company’s products include:

  • Fillers, hardeners and additives for powder coating
  • Various peroxides, accelerators and fiberglass (mat and tissues) for the composite industry
  • Benzoyl peroxide and fumed silica for the mastic.
  • Silicone oil, fillers and resins for production of silicone adhesives.

Chekad Shimi Kala

This company which established in 2021, is active in production of powder resins with a production capacity of 5,000 tons per year.

Among the products of this company, we can mention various types of polyester, polyurethane, primid and epoxy resins for the production of electrostatic powder coating paints.

The development phase of this company is underway and we hope to increase production fourfold in the near future.

Consulting Services

Chekad provides consulting services to its customers for choosing proper raw materials based on their requirements for the productions.

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