1. The equipment and accessories inside surgery and delivery rooms and health sector
  2. The equipment of patients’ transportation, dying all the surfaces in patients’ rooms or different laboratories, clothing and medicine cabinets, staircases.
  3. Air channels, cooling tower, All heating and cooling installations systems (where due to humidity and temperature, have a good conditions for living and growing bacteria).
  4. Industrial kitchens, dining halls
  5. All metallic and composite machineries of handy or machine-based type.
  • Chekad Anti-Bacterial gelcoat is tested against different pathogenic bacteria, the results of which will be presented to the customers based on their considered project.

Chekad Anti-bacterial-gelcoat is available in hand lay-up & spray up viscosities.

All types of Chekad Gelcoats have unlimited color options and clear types. Range of colors is open upon request (A color sample or RAL code is needed for color paste and Gelcoat color matching).

The result of the following test on very dangerous and antibiotic-resistant bacteria is presented in following :


<tddata-title=”Concentration”>16/00/000 *cfu

result Test period Types of samples Concentration Name of bacteria
3200/000 *Cfu 24 hours   Regular sample 16/00/000 *cfu ACIENTO-BACTER
0 24 hours Anti-Bacterial sample

*cfu: colony-forming unit

Therefore, using Anti-Bacterial as the top Gelcoat, we can decrease common hospital infections rate and through coating hidden and apparent surfaces in the field of health and treatment, we can minimize microorganisms’ growth and development process to zero.

If kept in 25°C room temperature and with pails lid closed, its shelf life would be 3 months, while if the Gelcoat contains Cobalt, its shelf life would be 1 month.

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