Fumed Silica

Chekad supplies UPSIL fumed silica from LETOP compant, with high purity white collodial powder.

This product is a hydrophilic fumed silica with 200 m²/g specific surface area (BET). It is used in UP resins, laminated resins, gel coats, HTV and RTV silicone rubber, adhesive and sealants and paint, coating and pigments.


  • Rheology and thixotropy control of liquid system, binders, polymers and etc.
  • Used as anti-setting, thickening, anti-sagging agent.
  • Improvement of free flow and anti-cracking characteristics of powders
  • High transparency
  • Reinforcement filler in elastomers

Available codes in stock:

  • UPSIL 150
  • UPSIL 200

Package :

Packaged in 10 kg, multiple layer Kraft paper bags, on pallet.

Product Code PH value (in 4% dispersion) Loss on drying (2hrs @105°C) BET surface area (m²/g) Technical Specifications
UPSIL 150 3.6~4.5  ≤ 1.5 Wt% 25 ± 150
UPSIL 200 3.6~4.5  ≤ 1.5 Wt% 25 ± 200

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