Powder Epoxy Resins

Chekad supplies the powder epoxy resin E-12 from Anhui Hengyuan Company. This E-12 is a solid and unmodified standard solid epoxy resin with a medium molecular weight. The grade is combined with titanium dioxide and dicyandiamide hardener in powder coating system. After storing at 200℃ or above, it provides high gloss, excellent flexibility and smoothness.


For powder coating in Hybrid system in combination with polyester, or straight (pure) epoxy system to obtain good gloss, flow, mechanical properties and, chemical resistance.

Chemical Composition:

Diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol-A


  • Strong adhesion
  • Fine chemical stability


25 kg bags.

Properties Resin E-12
Physical State Solid Epoxy
EEW 715-800 g/eq
Color (Gardner)  ≤2
Softening point (°C) 85~95
Density (25°C) 1.18 (g/cm3)

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